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In a hundred ages of the gods,…

In a hundred ages of the gods,
I cannot tell thee of the glories of Himalaya;
As the dew is dried by the morning sun,
So are the sins of man at the sight of Himalaya.
– The Skanda Purana
That sentiment – of the awe-inspiring, almost transcendent power of the #Himalaya – has been a primary draw for millions of tourists to visit #Nepal since it opened its doors to the world in 1950. It is these tourists – and the money they inject into the local economies – that have helped build the livelihoods of Nepal’s mountain communities, establishing an economy whose health is greatly dependent on visitors from abroad. In a country with endemic corruption and little to no trickle down, it is this money – directly injected through the wallets of visiting tourists hiring guides and porters, buying food, purchasing gifts, offering tips – which dictates the rise and fall of many mountain families and communities.

I hear now of many people canceling or considering canceling their plans to visit Nepal in the autumn. While I understand the fears some may have, most of Nepal’s rural communities will be ready to accept visitors by the post-monsoon trekking season. And, they will be eager. So, please, if you want to help Nepal rebuild, if you’d like to contribute to its phoenix-like rise from the ashes, plan a visit. Engage the local economies, open you wallet and open you mind, and help Nepali communities reestablish themselves and their vital tourist businesses. We can all #HelpCarryTheLoad. #liveyouradventure #nepalearthquake #nepaliloveyou | In this photo, trekkers move along a ridgeline beneath the towering massif of #Kangtega, #Khumbu.

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