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Lord #Shiva, commonly known as the God…

Lord #Shiva, commonly known as the God of Destruction, is one of the most popular deities in #Nepal, and is often represented by the #lingam, seen here at #Pashupatinath Temple in #Kathmandu. Shiva’s nature, however, is far more complex than simple destruction: He is not a god of wanton destruction, but rather destroys with the intent of regeneration, of transformation and re-creation with the removal of evil, ignorance, and hubris and an increase in positive power, strength, and beauty. As I sift through thoughts and mourning over the devastating losses in Nepal, I find myself searching for a silver lining, a glint of light at the end of the long tunnel.
Disasters such as the #NepalEarthquake are never fair, never simple, and always tragic. But, already through the dust one can see glimmers of Shiva’s regeneration: Stories of traditional #caste barriers dropping as villagers help one another regardless of age old, ingrained discrimination. Nepalis flood home from a vast diaspora, putting themselves at great risk and sacrificing hard-earned money to help their friends, their neighbors, their countrymen and women. Grassroots efforts springing up across the country and around the world, working together to collectively build and rebuild a very special place and people. And, mostly, the ever-inspiring tenacity and innate beauty of the Nepalese people, who continue onward through the challenges, carrying this load as they have so many in the past.
I can only hope that the world community can also be touched by Shiva’s transformative intent, and drop the old ways of forgetting and moving on, and instead remained focused on this very big and very real crisis. There is much work yet to do, much support yet to give, much compassion and assistance and love needed. It will take us all, as a human community, to rally to Nepal’s side. Perhaps, through the landslides and dust and blood and suffering of the earthquake, some of Shiva’s transformative light can shine on us all.
#HelpCarryTheLoad #liveyouradventure #person2person4nepal #nepaliloveyou

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