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When I first met him, Karma Tshering…

When I first met him, Karma Tshering was busy carving the ubiquitous Tibetan Buddhist “Om mani padme hum” #mantra into stone on the side of the steep trails outside #Phortse, #Nepal. It looked like hard work, his arthritic fingers twisted around handles of wooden tools. But, he kept on, diligently chipping out the mantra associated with #Avalokiteshvara, the #bodhisattva of #compassion. While complex in definition and debated in meaning, many identify the mantra – carved in stone, spun on prayer wheels, flapping on prayer flags – as being the mantra of compassion, and of the desire to free sentient beings from suffering. Perhaps we all can symbolically join the arthritic fingers of Karma Tshering, engage the cause of compassion, and #HelpCarryTheLoad for Nepal. See link in profile for ways to help. #liveyouradventure #nepalearthquake #givetonepal #prayfornepal #p2p4nepal

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