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Yesterday, we celebrated mothers, those amazing beings…

Yesterday, we celebrated mothers, those amazing beings who bring us into this world, nurture us, support and protect us, share with us their love and laughter and wisdom. How many children in #Nepal no longer have a mother to celebrate? How many mothers no longer have children to love? How many families had their lives shredded on April 25, their livelihoods and relationships and all they knew buried in the rubble of falling buildings, crumbling mountainsides, cascading avalanches?
And, how many around the world have already forgotten the need that still exists, the suffering ongoing, the motherless children and childless mothers?
Please keep the story of Nepal alive. Let’s all continue to #HelpCarryTheLoad. Nepal will rebuild. Nepal will rise from the ashes of tragedy. But, we all need to pitch in.

If you can give – even a small amount – please see the link in my profile to support dedicated groups on the ground.

#nepalearthquake #mothersday #liveyouradventure #rebuildnepal

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