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In 1921, during his first #Everest attempt,…

In 1921, during his first #Everest attempt, George #Mallory wrote from #Tibet to his wife, Ruth: “We see the same stars.” 94 years later, I would echo Mallory’s words in the hopes of encouraging more to #HelpCarryTheLoad for #Nepal. We may not all be experiencing the same traumas, seeing the same devastation, or facing the same overwhelm of rebuilding and reconstructing a nation. But, we are united with our friends across the world in that we all bleed the same blood. We all feel the same pain. We all see the same stars. So, when you go out tonight and gaze at the Milky Way, think of your friends – known and unknown, close and distant – in Nepal. Many are looking at those same stars across the ruins of their homes, villages, communities. Please consider a donation – or another donation if you’ve given before – and #HelpCarryTheLoad. You can find some great organizations in the link in my profile, and many more through my Facebook page. Please give, give smartly, give generously, and give often. | In this photo, the #MilkyWay glows above #Cholatse and #Tawoche from #Tukhla, #Khumbu, Nepal. #nepaliloveyou #nepalphotoproject #NatureAddict #himalayas #nepalquake #liveyouradventure #person2person4nepal #georgemallory #places_wow

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