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Rebuilding in #Nepal will take a long…

Rebuilding in #Nepal will take a long time, and require the dedication of many. Villages are remote, inaccessible by road, and air power is limited and expensive. But, we can all #HelpCarryTheLoad for Nepal. One amazing organization doing incredible work on the ground is #Rasuwa #Relief, founded and run by Austin Lord and Galen Murton. Rasuwa is a rural district northwest of #Kathmandu that was hit particularly hard in the #nepalearthquake; #Langtang Village, which was wiped off the map by a cataclysmic avalanche and landslide, is but one example of the devastation in Rasuwa. Many areas – less known and equally desperate – have received only minimal aid, and the #monsoon is fast approaching. #RasuwaRelief is now able to accept tax-deductible donations through #Drokpa, a registered 501c3 charitable organization founded by my friend Sienna Craig. Please make a donation to Rasuwa today through Drokpa – see link in profile – and #HelpCarryTheLoad. Thank you.

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