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Sometimes when we #travel, there are places…

Sometimes when we #travel, there are places that grab us…they inexplicably touch our hearts, minds, and souls, perhaps connecting to some long lost (or forgotten) realm of our consciousness. These places draw us back, again and again, despite the hardships and challenges faced in getting there or while being there. #Nepal is such a place for me. From my first visit, 23 years ago, I was hooked, connected to the place and the people, the rich tapestry of culture and history, the brilliant fresco of tortured geography and active geology. I’m sad for the deep and profound losses my second home has faced (and continues to face) in these past months, but am excited to be returning to a nation, place, and people that have shaped me more than much else. And, with luck, perhaps I can provide a little help and make even just one tomorrow brighter. | In this photo, prayer flags flutter in the dwindling twilight in front of #Kangtega, #Khumbu. #HelpCarryTheLoad #nepaliloveyou #nepalquake #liveyouradventure

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Hard to believe this no-longer-little girl turned…

Hard to believe this no-longer-little girl turned 8 today. How the years zip by! She’s becoming quite a person, inspiring (and challenging) us in great ways every day. Happy Birthday, Lila! #notlittleanymore #timeflies #liveyouradventure @wendebvalentine


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“Western laziness consists of cramming our lives…

“Western laziness consists of cramming our lives with compulsive activity, so that there is no time at all to confront the real issues.” – #Sogyal #Rinpoche. | Here, Tibetan #Buddhist prayer flags flutter at sunset near Namo Buddha Monastery, #Syampati, #Nepal. Always good to remind ourselves of our laziness, and find the time to slow down…and think about the truly important in life. #sogyalrinpoche #quotes #quotations #everydaynepal #everydayasia

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Hope you find some #curiosity in your…

Hope you find some #curiosity in your weekend! | In this photo, two #Macaroni #penguins on West Point Island in the #Falklands try to figure out what my camera does and why it’s in their faces. Macaronis get their common name from the bright crest feathers. 19th century sailors in the area thought the crests were reminiscent of flamboyant Victorian gentlemen who would – as in “Yankee Doodle” – stick a feather in their caps and be called macaroni. #yankeedoodle #liveyouradventure #falklandislands

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In December, 2012, I was able to…

In December, 2012, I was able to go climbing in New Zealand with @davidcmorton, @charley.mace, and Brent Bishop. One of the best mornings was this one, when we awoke terrain at 5 a.m. thinking that our plans to climb #Aspiring were done. At the last possible moment, the clouds parted, we hopped in a helicopter, had a great blitz of Aspiring’s aesthetic Southwest Ridge, and we’re back in #Wanaka by dinner. On the flight out, I was able to snap a fun shot showing the braided, glacial rivers flowing through the New Zealand countryside – a stunning end to a perfect day. #tbt @eddiebauer #liveyouradventure #aerial #newzealand #nz

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Traffic jam high above the #Karnali River…

Traffic jam high above the #Karnali River in #Humla, #Nepal. Very excited to return soon to Nepal to film and work in this magical country that has so shaped my life and career. Looking forward to helping even a little with rebuilding in the wake of the #NepalQuake and sharing the beauty and mystery of the country – both remote and accessible – with people far and wide. #nepaliloveyou #liveyouradventure #buildbackbetter

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Mukunda Bahadur Shrestha became the first official photographer of the Nepal Tourism Department and spent the 70s and 80s traveling across Nepal, photographing landscapes, cultures and people presenting Nepal to the rest of the world through postcards, brochures, posters and travel magazines. This is one of Shrestha’s favourite photos. Here, three young children pose for the camera in Tarkeghyang village, in the Helambu region northeast of Kathmandu. The wave-like peaks and dips of the Himalayas in the background is mimicked in the way the children stand and sit on an uneven wall, their eyes wide with curiosity and disbelief.

Buy an Historic Print, and Support Nepal’s Reconstruction!

As a photographer and lover of Nepal – its history, its legacy, and its future – I jump anytime I …

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#tbt to early September, 2013. @davidcmorton stands…

#tbt to early September, 2013. @davidcmorton stands beneath the sweeping faces of the #Bhagirathi peaks on the #Gangotri Glacier. David, @pedromcbride, and I were there to follow the #Ganges River from upmost source to sea, document its beauty and its suffering, and tell its story in photo and film. At this point, the Ganges is known as the Bhagirathi, after the fabled king who urged #Shiva to release the #Ganga waters from the heavens so he could perform rituals for his ancestors. The Gangotri Glacier flows with the first waters of this mighty river, which flows from its snout at #Gaumukh, or Cow’s Mouth. The Bhagirathi joins the #Alaknanda River below #Tehri Dam, and the Ganges officially forms there at #Devprayag. The river goes on to flow some 1500 miles across the heartland of north #India, its waters irrigating a full 1/3 of India’s land, and providing physical and spiritual sustenance to roughly 500 million people. It’s an amazing river, revered and reviled, dammed, diverted, and sometimes utterly destroyed. Our film about the river is coming along well, and we’re looking forward to having it complete soon. Stay tuned. #liveyouradventure @eddiebauer @natgeo @microsoftusa #surface @madhav108a @ashleymosher @everydayasia @everydayindia

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One of the most stunning mountains anywhere…

One of the most stunning mountains anywhere in the world, it’s no wonder it’s also one of the most #sacred. Revered by #Hindus and #Buddhists alike, Mount #Kailash (Kailāśa) – seen here from the north – rises in a symmetrical massif from the barren #Tibetan Plateau above the sacred lakes of #Manasarovar and #Raksas Tal. In 2006, my teammates and I encountered only a handful of #Indian #pilgrims along the #kora, or circumambulation, of the mountain. #tbt #liveyouradventure #mountkailash #dailylifeindia #dailylifetibet #SquareInstaPic

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On May 22, 1963, Tom #Hornbein and…

On May 22, 1963, Tom #Hornbein and Willi #Unsoeld saw the tattered #American flag fluttering on the summit of #Everest some 100 feet above them. The flag had been left there three weeks earlier by Jim #Whittaker, the first American to summit the mountain, and Nawang #Gombu. Hornbein and Unsoeld had just made the historic and audacious first ascent of the West Ridge, arriving on top at 6:15pm, and descending the Southeast Ridge (making the first ever traverse of the mountain). They became the 4th and 5th Americans to summit, as teammates Barry Bishop and Lute Jerstad had reached the summit hours before. The West Ridge climb is one of the greatest in American mountaineering history, and of climbing history in general. A proud ascent by the 1963 American Mount Everest Expedition – see our award-winning film on the expedition on @Vimeo on Demand through the link in my profile. Happy 4th of July! #liveyouradventure @davidcmorton @jimaikman @eddiebauer @xtremevideo #mounteverest #amee #williunsoeld #tomhornbein #independenceday #4thofjuly

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