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Sometimes when we #travel, there are places…

Sometimes when we #travel, there are places that grab us…they inexplicably touch our hearts, minds, and souls, perhaps connecting to some long lost (or forgotten) realm of our consciousness. These places draw us back, again and again, despite the hardships and challenges faced in getting there or while being there. #Nepal is such a place for me. From my first visit, 23 years ago, I was hooked, connected to the place and the people, the rich tapestry of culture and history, the brilliant fresco of tortured geography and active geology. I’m sad for the deep and profound losses my second home has faced (and continues to face) in these past months, but am excited to be returning to a nation, place, and people that have shaped me more than much else. And, with luck, perhaps I can provide a little help and make even just one tomorrow brighter. | In this photo, prayer flags flutter in the dwindling twilight in front of #Kangtega, #Khumbu. #HelpCarryTheLoad #nepaliloveyou #nepalquake #liveyouradventure

Pangboche, Nepal

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