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#tbt to early September, 2013. @davidcmorton stands…

#tbt to early September, 2013. @davidcmorton stands beneath the sweeping faces of the #Bhagirathi peaks on the #Gangotri Glacier. David, @pedromcbride, and I were there to follow the #Ganges River from upmost source to sea, document its beauty and its suffering, and tell its story in photo and film. At this point, the Ganges is known as the Bhagirathi, after the fabled king who urged #Shiva to release the #Ganga waters from the heavens so he could perform rituals for his ancestors. The Gangotri Glacier flows with the first waters of this mighty river, which flows from its snout at #Gaumukh, or Cow’s Mouth. The Bhagirathi joins the #Alaknanda River below #Tehri Dam, and the Ganges officially forms there at #Devprayag. The river goes on to flow some 1500 miles across the heartland of north #India, its waters irrigating a full 1/3 of India’s land, and providing physical and spiritual sustenance to roughly 500 million people. It’s an amazing river, revered and reviled, dammed, diverted, and sometimes utterly destroyed. Our film about the river is coming along well, and we’re looking forward to having it complete soon. Stay tuned. #liveyouradventure @eddiebauer @natgeo @microsoftusa #surface @madhav108a @ashleymosher @everydayasia @everydayindia

Gangotri Uttarkashi

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