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As I sit here in #Mankhu, #Dhading,…

As I sit here in #Mankhu, #Dhading, I’m thinking of my grandmother, Dorothy Gaines Milnor, who passed from this world around the time when I stared up at the dazzling Milky Way from a silent perch in #Mustang. She was an amazing woman, who lived a long and full 95 years, with many of the last focused on battling through pain from crippling arthritis – a pain she would not give in to, living alone in her home in Illinois until she died. It was she who introduced me to #Nepal, having traveled here by chance during the Spring Awakening of 1991. Her stories of this magnificent country encouraged me to come here with family for my first time the following year. She was not a perfect person, as she’d readily admit (and who is, afterall?), but she was an inspiring one, and taught me volumes about life and experience and learning about our world and it’s people. I take solace in knowing her spirit is up there somewhere, in one of the myriad stars dotting the night sky wherever I go. I miss you Grandma, and I thank you for the years of love, laughter, adventure, and sharing. #goneisntgone #liveyouradventure #nepaliloveyou #HelpCarryTheLoad

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