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He built his home 40 or so…

He built his home 40 or so years ago for 500 rupees. A traditional, two story home of rubble masonry skimmed with ochre mud and accented with local timbers, the house stands out today because it is one of the few traditional homes in #Mankhu, #Dhading, that withstood the intense shaking of the April 25 #earthquake. Our #conservation #architects, Randolph Langenbach and Dipendra Gautam, quicly figured out a possible reason why: a band of timber running through the masonry coupled with a second story diaphragm at ceiling level. Combined, these two elements allowed the structure to sway with the shaking earth but not crumble outward like similar structures. Why did he incorporate that basic timber-lacing when others did not? “Someone told me it would be stronger,” he said with a smile. Forty years, two strong earthquakes, and hundreds of aftershocks later, his house is a testament to the simple elements that can be cost-effectively added to a structure – being built or rebuilt – that give it greater strength, lower injury potential, and still allow for a traditional look. The #gabion band technique we did on Ram Sunar’s house is a variant on this same theme, and hopefully will catch on as people rebuild in rural #Nepal. @clarkliesl @mreverest7x @jibanghimire @mountainfund #herfarm

Dhading, Nepal

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