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I watched him as he inspected the…

I watched him as he inspected the gabion bands built into Ram Sunar’s home. Similar in concept to the timber lacing that has helped buildings survive earthquakes in Kashmir, Bam, and elsewhere, gabion wire to make the bands can be locally sourced and is financially doable for Nepal’s rural poor. Construction is not complicated, requiring implementation of one band per story, helping reinforce small village homes. The man’s home, like Ram’s, had been leveled by the quake. Ram is a #Dalit, this man a #Brahmin; apparently, earthquakes ignore #caste hierarchies. After a bit of discussion about the merits and cost effectiveness of gabion bands in rebuilding his home, the gentleman kindly informed me he’d rebuild in the traditional way, with no changes, no gabion bands, no reinforcement. I asked, “Why?”, and the reply was simple the ubiquitous and coy South Asian head wobble. Perhaps old habits die hard. Perhaps the man couldn’t fathom rebuilding his Brahmin home to replicate that of a Dalit. Perhaps, as the girls from Her Farm told me, the locals are slow to adopt new techniques, despite the promise that they are stronger and more resistance to quakes. As the man walked off, Ram surveyed his home with pride, marveling at the progress from broken rubble to livable, stable structure in just a few days. With luck, the home of this humble, kind young man can be a model for others to copy as they rebuild today – before the next earthquake proves its utility. #buildbackbetter #Nepal #nepaliloveyou #liveyouradventure #HelpCarryTheLoad @clarkliesl @mreverest7x #herfarm #Mankhu #Dhading #themountainfund

Dhading, Nepal

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