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She wouldn’t tell me her name, saying…

She wouldn’t tell me her name, saying it was not important. She simple told me to call her “grandmother”. Her best guess is that she’s about 88 years old. She was walking spryly, easily, along the dirt path winding through the shattered brick houses and lush foliage near #Goganpani, #Dhading, #Nepal. She was heading home with what little rice and #sabji (vegetables) she could afford from the nearby market…a home she lives in alone. He son lives in #Kathmandu, she told me, and rarely visits; her daughter is married, and too busy with her husband’s family to come by often . So, she lives alone in the middle hills, a deep smile still etching her weathered face, a laugh quick to bubble through even discussions of the challenges she faces daily. As different as they are, she nonetheless reminded me of my just-deceased grandmother, who lived alone as well until her passing at age 95. How similar, and yet how different. Opposite sides of the world, two #elderly women sharing similar traits and stories, yet living them out in vastly different ways thanks to the roulette of geography, ethnicity, opportunity. It’s amazing to me how lives and paths can be dictated by virtue of geography. She was born to poverty in the middle hills of Nepal; my grandmother to relative affluence in rural #Illinois. Language and faith, work ethic, ethnicity, smarts, and determination played scant role in their polar opposite lives; it was the luck of the draw which dictated the relative ease or challenge of their lives, the realities and opportunities they would face. Another chance reminder to me of how connected we all are, despite physical miles of distance, and how the stories of our lives – the stories of opportunity and wealth and health and so much of life – is dictated more by chance than choice. We are all connected, in this big ship as one, and we rise and fall together. #weareallconnected #liveyouradventure #nepaliloveyou #nepalphotoproject #nepalquake #everydaynepal #everydayasia #portrait

Dhading Goganpani

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