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“Since the earthquake, our lives are much…

“Since the earthquake, our lives are much harder,” she said, in a vast understatement. The twinkle in her eye and the quintessential South Asian head wobble suggested that she, like so many Nepalis, would weather the current storm with dignity and strength. I knew it would be like this to return to #Nepal post-earthquake, but that hasn’t dampened the surreality of it all. Nepalis have always been masters at dealing with the trials and tribulations of fate; life in this financially-impoverished #Himalayan nation demands it, rife as it is with challenges. So, when the earth shakes, buildings crumble, and life is upended completely, most Nepalis have done the only thing one can do when there’s no alternative: they’ve simply gotten on with life. They walk over piles of broken bricks to do morning #puja, past teetering walls to get to work, step over downed wires and broken pipes to do their shopping. And, they still smile, still laugh, still live – perhaps even more than before. It’s certainly much harder, and the future is uncertain as rebuilding is just beginning. But, life goes on, and Nepalis thus far are moving on with their typical grace and strength. #nepaliloveyou #nepalquake #HelpCarryTheLoad #nepalphotoproject #everydaynepal #everydayasia

Asan Tole Chowk

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