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Sometimes I miss the forest for the…

Sometimes I miss the forest for the trees. As we walked from #Mankhu down to the road, after a long day of shooting and sweating and documenting the #gabion band building technique, I was focused on the ground in front of me – hard to see in the dwindling twilight – and the people eeking out the final moments of the day in their fields. And there he was, a #Tamang man standing silently beside his equally-quiet buffalo, gaze cast to the southeast in quiet contemplation and even reverence. I smiled, said hello, and his silence continued unabated, with only a slight nod and the classic #Nepali lip-point, indicating I should look where he was looking. And, then I saw it: a #sunset of sunsets, emblazoned clouds roiling over the lush, green hills of middle #Nepal. Together we sat, silently, for a moment, and then went our separate ways. #weareallconnected #liveyouradventure #HelpCarryTheLoad #nepaliloveyou #nepalquake #HelpCarryTheLoad #Dhading #nepaliloveyou

Dhading, Nepal

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