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“Travel is fatal to prejudice…” Those insightful…

“Travel is fatal to prejudice…” Those insightful words are perhaps the most critical reason we should travel, be across the tracks or around the world t meet with those on the other side. What we find is generally deep and profound similarity veiled by stark differences in language, faith, clothing, custom, and skin. But, underneath those assumed or genetic, and ultimately superficial, differences, we find that people are people, with the same needs and desires, regardless of location, look, and belief. But, to find that, we have to travel, and then we have to talk. Sri Gopal Giri-ji Maharaj, pictured here, is a prime example. From first glance, he could not be more different than me; we are both the epitome of exotic in comparison to one another. But, beneath the veil, we’re much the same. Over an hour of sharing tea, we talked and laughed, shared pictures of family and travels, discussed politics and the devastation of the #NepalQuake, and then went our separate ways. Travel, explore, connect. Great to be back in Nepal with @clarkliesl @mreverest7x and more!#travelisfataltoprejudice #liveyouradventure #nepaliloveyou #nepalphotoproject #sadhu #Pashupatinath #Kathmandu #Nepal

Pashupatinath temple

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