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What is the future of #Nepal? It’s…

What is the future of #Nepal? It’s written in the youthful smile of its children, in the innocent twinkle of their eyes, the untainted spirit of their hearts. Despite the challenges the country faces – some endemic, some brought on by the #earthquake – I’m confident in the future when I speak to the children. Their vision of tomorrow is as yet unclouded by corruption and apathy, ingrained inequality and the dangerous fatalism – or more dangerous violent action – it engenders. Their vision is what a child’s – and indeed an adult’s – should be: one of optimism, of hope, of the belief that tomorrow, if combined with effort and tenacity and diligence and coupled with empathy and compassion, will be better than today, and the next day better than tomorrow. In short, their’s is a vision of hope. May that vision stay true, innocent, uncorrupted, and strong. Thanks to @mountainfund and #HerFarm for making such a difference! #nepaliloveyou #HelpCarryTheLoad #nepalquake #liveyouradventure #hopefulfuture #dailylifenepal #dailylifeasia #buildbackbetter #dktm #nepalphotoproject #Mankhu #Dhading

Dhading, Nepal

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