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A #face can tell amazing stories, even…

A #face can tell amazing stories, even if the full one is unknown. He was a non-verbal man, either unwilling or unable to tell me his story. He sat, a look of melancholic acceptance on his face, near the entrance to #Ugratara Temple, not far from famed #Asan #Tole, an ancient market in #Kathmandu. He was begging for alms, perhaps a recent victim of the #NepalQuake made homeless by the tremor, or maybe a victim of the vicious cycle of poverty and inequality that pervades modern Nepal. Either way, his was not a desperate look, not one of victimization, but rather, again, of acceptance, of knowing today would be tough, tomorrow likely the same, but a flicker of hope that the future might improve washed across his expression. With a nod, a bow, and a Namaste, I dropped some rupees into his bowl, wished him well, and went on my way. Stories told, but never known. #nepalearthquake #nepalphotoproject #HelpCarryTheLoad #liveyouradventure #dktm #portrait #nepaliloveyou

Asan, Kathmandu

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