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Do you love #mountains? Do you see…

Do you love #mountains? Do you see value in protecting our #mountain peoples, communities, ecosystems, and watersheds from the ravages of #climatechange? If so, please join me in signing a petition (link in profile) to get the @unitednations to give adequate attention to the impact of climate change on mountain regions and all who depend on them. Mountains – whether we see them or not, whether we live in them or not, whether we like them or not – play are critical role in all our lives. Mountains cover 22% of the earth’s surface, are home to 14% of the world’s population, and they provide 70% of the world’s fresh water. But, glaciers in the mountains are melting faster than elsewhere, threatening water supplies, biodiversity, and the lives of all who live downstream. Please, show that #MountainsMatter: sign the petition (link in profile), share this widely, and encourage the #UN to take the threat of climate change in mountain regions seriously. | In this photo, the first waters of the #Ganges River flow on the surface of the #Gangotri #Glacier, #India, with #Shivling towering above. The Gangotri, which gives birth to the #Bhagirathi River (the Ganges officially starts where the Bhagirathi and #Alaknanda Rivers merge at #Devprayag), has receded more than 1,500 meters (4,921 feet) in the past 70 years; since 2000, its retreat has been nearly doubled to roughly 12-13 meters (39.3-42.7 feet) per year. Downstream, the Ganges is the essential lifeblood for roughly 500 million people who live within its watershed. #WeLoveMountains #COP21 #ClimateAction #Action2015 #WeLoveMountains #UNFCCC #liveyouradventure #indiapictures #everydayindia #indiaphotos #india_gram @welovemountains #mountainpartnership

Gangotri Uttarkashi

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