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#tbt to 2011, #Rwanda. So many things…

#tbt to 2011, #Rwanda. So many things impressed me about Rwanda: the cleanliness of the capital city, #Kigali; the overall friendliness and openness of the people; the intense and sublime beauty of this “Land of a Thousand Hills.” But the biggest stand out for me in Rwanda was one simple, profound, and all too rare in the modern world trait: #resilience. This woman, like so many in Rwanda, had lived through the horrors and atrocities of the genocide. She’s all family members slaughtered, communities torn apart, and her country brutally divided. She was at #Burega Pond – a dried up puddle that is the only water source nearby – to fill five gallon jugs with water for her family. Her journey took more than an hour one way, up hills and down hills, and all under the baking Rwandan sun. She had every right to complain, to be bitter, to lament her lot in life and all the hardship that came with it. But she didn’t. She simply carried on, with poise and grace and dignity, radiating beauty from inside and out. Hers is the Rwanda I remember. #everydayafrica #rulindo #portrait @waterforpeople


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