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The iconic #Taj #Mahal, built in 1653…

The iconic #Taj #Mahal, built in 1653 by Emperor Shah #Jahan on the banks of the #Yamuna River (a major tributary to the #Ganges), is a model of perfection in myriad ways. It’s symmetry is stunning, it’s white marble facade takes on the colors of the sky, it’s dedication to love a symbol of beauty. And, Shah Jahan’s builders did an incredible job constructing the monument, erecting it on a sturdy foundation of #ebony wood. There’s no way they could have known, however, that the future of the Yamuna – whose waters are critical to the wood foundation, keeping it moist and preventing shrinkage – would be so bleak. These days, the once-mighty Yamuna flows past the Taj as a fetid trickle, its #Himalayan waters tapped and polluted by the 15 million inhabitants of #Delhi and countless more upstream. The result: architects and archeologists are seeing cracks forming in the face of the ancient structure, and tilting in its minarets. Perhaps it’s time for the love that motivated Shah Jahan to build the Taj to be directed to protection of the Yamuna. | In this photo, a bird flies past the Taj, silhouetted against the setting sun on the banks of the Yamuna. #India #GangaS2S #liveyouradventure #everydayasia #everydayindia #indiapictures #indiaphotos #tajmahal #ic_water

Taj Mahal, Agra.

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