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#tbt to 8 years ago today. We…

#tbt to 8 years ago today. We were wrapping up the incredible #EverestRocks trek to #Everest #Basecamp and Kala Pattar with an inspiring group of trekkers, musicians, and #cancer survivors, all raising money for cancer and new facilities at the #Bhaktapur Cancer Center in #Nepal. The final concert – held outside the historic, and now much-destroyed, #Hanuman #Dhoka Palace in #Durbar Square, #Kathmandu – was stunning. Estimates were that some 10,000 Nepalis and foreigners gathered in the square that night to hear performances by a diverse array of musicians: American, British, Nepali, and more. It was one of the more amazing trips to Nepal I have had, and made even more so by the $300,000 plus that was raised to help fight cancer in Nepal. Great memories… #KalaPattar @officialslimjimphantom #thefixx @glenntilbrook @lovehopestrengthfoundation #JemsPradhan #YogeshworAmatya #MikePeters #TheAlarm @shannonhenn @squeezeogram #jamiewestoram #everydaynepal #everydayasia @directionkathmandu #dktm @nepalphotoproject @nepalphotography @nepalpiclibrary #HelpCarryTheLoad #nepaliloveyou

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A beautiful morning just out having fun on the #Kelso Ridge of #Torreys Peak. Old Man #Winter is showing his face finally, with fresh snow in the high country and blizzard conditions up high. But, #sunrise was a nice show!

A beautiful morning just out having fun…

A beautiful morning just out having fun on the #Kelso Ridge of #Torreys Peak. Old Man #Winter is showing his face finally, with fresh snow in the high country and blizzard conditions up high. But, #sunrise was a nice show! #liveyouradventure #colorado

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The #Rwenzori Mountains – #Ptolemy’s “Mountains of…

The #Rwenzori Mountains – #Ptolemy’s “Mountains of the Moon” – in southwest #Uganda are one of the most stunning, lush, vibrant, and harsh landscapes I’ve ever had the honor of traveling and climbing in. The first ascent of many of the peaks was – as happened quite a bit in that time – done by the Duke of #Abruzzi in 1906. They climbed all the major snowy peaks that year, but were also focused on documenting the landscape and its wonders. As part of that mission, the team took great pains to document the #equatorial #glaciers of the range; in 1906, the Rwenzori had 43 distinct, named glaciers covering roughly 7.5 square kilometers – equal to one-half the total glaciated terrain in all of #Africa. Ninety-nine years later, in 2005, fewer than half those glaciers remained, and those that did covered only 1.5 square kilometers. Today, their coverage is less than 1 square kilometer. Logic leads us to the conclusion that, before long, the Rwenzori – which feed Lake Albert, which in turn feeds the White #Nile – will have no glaciers left. These glaciers – and the remarkable flora and fauna which lie below – are but some of the many casualties of #climatechange. Please, if you have not already, please sign and SHARE the petition linked in my profile ( If we get 5,000 signatures by November 29, the @unitednations will be compelled to include mountains, mountain ecosystems, and mountain peoples in their #climateaction resolutions at #COP21. So, please, sign, share, and share again – #mountainsmatter. Thank you. | In this photo, peaks of the Rwenzori are reflected in #Kitandara Lake. #UNFCCC #mountainpartnership #everdayafrica #rwenzorimountains #cop21paris2015 #cop21paris #mountainmatters #climatechangeisreal #WeLoveMountains #ClimateAction #Action2015 #everydayAfrica #liveyouradventure #climatechangeisreal #glacialrecession #mountainsofthemoon

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#Pope #Francis, the #Dalai #Lama, and #Muslim…

#Pope #Francis, the #Dalai #Lama, and #Muslim religious leaders have all recently called upon their followers to take action against #climatechange. The vast majority of scientists agree our changing #climate is a huge and pressing issue. Those logical, pragmatic, and courageous politicians at home and abroad have likewise stepped up to the plate, acknowledging that we as a global community must take action, and soon. Sadly, those with the smallest voice are those most greatly affected by climate change: #mountain peoples and environments. According to numerous studies, glaciers in the #Himalaya are retreating at an alarming rate. This leads to increased melt, higher risk of glacial lake outburst floods (#GLOF), stunted agricultural production, and myriad challenges not only for those living in the #Himalaya, but also by at least 1.3 billion downstream. The good news is we can help. We need to get 5,000 signatures by November 29 on the petition (link in profile) to ensure the @unitednations includes mountains, mountain peoples, and mountain environments in their upcoming climate change agendas. Please sign and share; as the @dalailama said: “This is not a political matter, not a religious matter, but ultimately [about] the survival of humanity.” | In this photo, taken on the summit of Mount #Everest, the Kangshung Glacier winds eastward past the massifs of #Lhotse, #Makalu, #Chomolhunzo, and more. #Kanchenjunga, the world’s third highest peak, can be seen in the distance. #ClimateAction #MountainsMatter #mountainmatters @welovemountains #mountainpartnership #UNFCCC #COP21 #climatechangeisreal #liveyouradventure #icimod

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Wind whips post-monsoon snow across the slopes…

Wind whips post-monsoon snow across the slopes of Cho Oyu, the world’s 6th highest #peak at 8,201 meters or 26,906 feet. The first real attempt on the mountain was made by the British in 1952 (in preparation for the 1953 #Everest expedition), led by famed climber Eric #Shipton. They didn’t get very far, though, with George Lowe and Edmund #Hillary being turned around at 6,650 meters by avalanche conditions. Two years later, in 1954, and #Austrian expedition had better luck. On October 19, 1954, Herbert #Tichy, Joseph #Jöchler and Pasang Dawa Lama (#Sherpa) reached the summit via the Northwest Ridge, which is now the standard route on the mountain. While considered one of the easiest of the 14 – #8000m peaks, Cho Oyu claimed many lives in the early days: the second ascent, in 1958, claimed 1 climber; four more dies in an avalanche in 1959; and 1964 saw another 2 climbers perish on the mountain. This photo was taken in late-September, 1997, while guiding my first expedition to Cho Oyu. #chooyu #Tibet #8000ers #liveyouradventure #himalaya #everydayasia #everydaytibet #china #edmundhillary

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According to #Hindu legend, it was the…

According to #Hindu legend, it was the ancient king #Bhagiratha who prayed to Lord #Shiva to bring the goddess #Ganga down from the heavens so he could honor his deceased relatives. Shiva obliged, catching the river goddess is his matted dreadlocks and setting her free…but with a warning, that he could not control her power and fury now that she was free. Revered for millennia, Maa Ganga has been showing her strength in recent years, with alternating floods and droughts wreaking havoc in equal measure. Perhaps it is the goddess flexing her muscles, and showing her disapproval for the abuse cast upon her: horrific pollution pours unhindered into her waters; the effluvia of millions of Indians flows unchecked to her shores; dams and diversions and barrages check her flow and disrupt her wildlife; the ashes of millions are dumped into her, her forests chopped down to provide the fuel for pyres. The #Modi government made protection and restoration of the #Ganges a campaign promise, and many words have flown about plans to help return her to former glory. But, the word appear empty, as little of substance has been done, and many more dams and barrages are planned to allow up – river navigation. Time is short for Ma Ganga; she needs to be loved physically as she is revered theologically. The future of 500 million people who depend on her hinges on it. @pedromcbride and I are nearly finished with our film about the river, Holy (un)Holy River. Stay tuned. | In this photo, @pedromcbride and @davidcmorton walk long a ridgeline below the #Bhagirathi Peaks from our camp at #Tapovan on the #Gangotri Glacier, #Uttarakhand, #India. #everydayindia #everydayasia #indiapictures #indiagram #indiapictures @eddiebauer @microsoftusa #surface @natgeo #liveyouradventure #GangaS2S

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John Evans journailing in Antarctica.

Legendary Climbs of John Evans Now Available

“You should come up to Evergreen and have dinner with my brother, John, sometime. He’s done some big climbs over …

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John #Muir wrote: “Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken,…

John #Muir wrote: “Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is like going home; that #wildness is a necessity.” For most of my life, the mountains have been my sanctuary, my solace, my grounding realm that keeps my head physically in the clouds, but my psyche on the ground, humbled by the vast immensity and majestic power the high country. But the power of the mountains is not infinite: bear jagged heights belie a fragile interior that provides in abundance, but also needs protection. More than ever, the mountains are under threat. #ClimateChange is shrinking glaciers, parching forests, choking rivers, and stunting the ability for mountains, mountain ecosystems, and mountain peoples to thrive. And their demise is all of ours, for the reality of the high country ultimately becomes the reality of the low country – everything flows downhill. It’s time to push the world community to recognize the role mountains play in all our lives, and their frailty to the ravages of climate change. Please, if you haven’t yet, sign the petition (link in profile) to urge the @unitednations to include mountains in the new #UNFCCC #COP21 climate deal. If you have already signed, thank you, and please share this or your own post with your friends. | In this photo, @charley.mace and Brent Bishop make their way up Mount Cook (#Aoraki), New Zealand. ##MountainsMatter #mountainmatters @welovemountains #johnmuir #mountainpartnership #mountcook #aoraki #newzealand #liveyouradventure #climatechangeisreal

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Thinking of those many lives lost today…

Thinking of those many lives lost today in the tragic and cowardly bombings in #Ankara, #Turkey. Hoping for #peace. | In this photo, the moon rises behind the domes and minarets of #Hagia #Sophia, a #church turned #mosque turned – quite brilliantly – into a #secular museum by #Ataturk in 1935. To me, Hagia Sophia has always been a symbol of how the various peoples and faiths in a diverse nation like Turkey can figure out how to get along through solid leadership and a desire to do so. May more of the same return to Turkey, to the Middle East, and, yes, to here in the USA. As Ataturk said: “Let [my people] worship as they will, every man can follow his own conscience provided it does not interfere with sane reason or bid him act against the liberty of his fellow men.” #Ἁγία #Σοφία #HagiaSophia #sanctasopfia #ayasofya #istanbul #liveyouradventure #mustafakemalataturk

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In the arid north of #Kenya, not…

In the arid north of #Kenya, not far from the border with #Somalia, #water is everything. The lifeline of the region is the #Ewaso #Ng’iro River which brings water from the slopes of Mount Kenya to this parched landscape. The glaciers on the mountain – and their meltwater – keep the river flowing even in the dry season. In fact, Mount Kenya supplies some 70% of the fresh water for the entire country. But, like so many around the world, its glaciers are rapidly melting in the face of #climatechange; like its neighbor, #Kilimanjaro, the glaciers of Mount Kenya will likely be gone in a matter of decades. When the glaciers are gone, the Ewaso will be gone, too, and with it will go the sole water supply for countless animals – #elephant, #lion, #cheetah, etc. – and the #Samburu people who live there. Yet another example of how much #MountainsMatter, whether we can see them or not. If you care about mountains, about preserving them and their ecosystems, please sign the petition (link in profile) to get the @unitednations to consider mountains and climate change. | In this photo, elephants play in the muddy waters of the Ewaso Ng’iro River in Samburu National Reserve. #COP21 @welovemountains #mountainpartnership #mountain matters #Ewasonyiro @elephants_save @elephantsamburu @pedromcbride @kimhavell @francothepapa @sabadouglashamilton

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