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According to #Hindu legend, it was the…

According to #Hindu legend, it was the ancient king #Bhagiratha who prayed to Lord #Shiva to bring the goddess #Ganga down from the heavens so he could honor his deceased relatives. Shiva obliged, catching the river goddess is his matted dreadlocks and setting her free…but with a warning, that he could not control her power and fury now that she was free. Revered for millennia, Maa Ganga has been showing her strength in recent years, with alternating floods and droughts wreaking havoc in equal measure. Perhaps it is the goddess flexing her muscles, and showing her disapproval for the abuse cast upon her: horrific pollution pours unhindered into her waters; the effluvia of millions of Indians flows unchecked to her shores; dams and diversions and barrages check her flow and disrupt her wildlife; the ashes of millions are dumped into her, her forests chopped down to provide the fuel for pyres. The #Modi government made protection and restoration of the #Ganges a campaign promise, and many words have flown about plans to help return her to former glory. But, the word appear empty, as little of substance has been done, and many more dams and barrages are planned to allow up – river navigation. Time is short for Ma Ganga; she needs to be loved physically as she is revered theologically. The future of 500 million people who depend on her hinges on it. @pedromcbride and I are nearly finished with our film about the river, Holy (un)Holy River. Stay tuned. | In this photo, @pedromcbride and @davidcmorton walk long a ridgeline below the #Bhagirathi Peaks from our camp at #Tapovan on the #Gangotri Glacier, #Uttarakhand, #India. #everydayindia #everydayasia #indiapictures #indiagram #indiapictures @eddiebauer @microsoftusa #surface @natgeo #liveyouradventure #GangaS2S


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