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I was reminded of this #tbt last…

I was reminded of this #tbt last night by @seracfilms – tough, but good memories of an amazing expeditoon. May 23, 2003, at 27,220 foot Camp VI on the North Face of #Everest. It was 7:23 pm and we had just settled into our tents for the evening when we got the radio call that seven climbers were in trouble, still high on the exposed Northeast Ridge of the mountain, slowly picking their way down. We went outside, and could just see their headlamps, faint in the encroaching darkness (they’re visible in the upper left of this photo). Several of us started up to help them to the safety of our tents, and to tend to the injuries: snow blindness, severe frostbite, exhaustion, and the possible onset of cerebral and pulmonary edema. @seracfilms, Petite Pinson, and I spent a long, cold night huddled in one sleeping bag, heating water and tending to our frostbite tentmate, waiting the first rays of dawn that seemed to take forever to come. The same situation played out in the tents of our other climbers. But, finally the sun came… There was no logical choice but to abandon our summit attempt and help the injured down to the safety of the camps below. By nightfall on the 24th, we had them down safely to Advanced Basecamp at 21,500 feet, ready for medical treatment and transport to Nepal and home. A frustrating experience, for it was poor judgment and summit fever that got them in trouble and us pulled into the vortex, but in the end it all worked out. We rested a few days at ABC, and then climbed back up, reaching the summit on a nearly perfect day on May 30, 2003. @tedmahon @trailygirl #Tibet #mounteverest #liveyouradventure #rescue #himalaya #himalayas

Mount Everest

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