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The #Rwenzori Mountains – #Ptolemy’s “Mountains of…

The #Rwenzori Mountains – #Ptolemy’s “Mountains of the Moon” – in southwest #Uganda are one of the most stunning, lush, vibrant, and harsh landscapes I’ve ever had the honor of traveling and climbing in. The first ascent of many of the peaks was – as happened quite a bit in that time – done by the Duke of #Abruzzi in 1906. They climbed all the major snowy peaks that year, but were also focused on documenting the landscape and its wonders. As part of that mission, the team took great pains to document the #equatorial #glaciers of the range; in 1906, the Rwenzori had 43 distinct, named glaciers covering roughly 7.5 square kilometers – equal to one-half the total glaciated terrain in all of #Africa. Ninety-nine years later, in 2005, fewer than half those glaciers remained, and those that did covered only 1.5 square kilometers. Today, their coverage is less than 1 square kilometer. Logic leads us to the conclusion that, before long, the Rwenzori – which feed Lake Albert, which in turn feeds the White #Nile – will have no glaciers left. These glaciers – and the remarkable flora and fauna which lie below – are but some of the many casualties of #climatechange. Please, if you have not already, please sign and SHARE the petition linked in my profile (http://chn.ge/1Lm8Fpk). If we get 5,000 signatures by November 29, the @unitednations will be compelled to include mountains, mountain ecosystems, and mountain peoples in their #climateaction resolutions at #COP21. So, please, sign, share, and share again – #mountainsmatter. Thank you. | In this photo, peaks of the Rwenzori are reflected in #Kitandara Lake. #UNFCCC #mountainpartnership #everdayafrica #rwenzorimountains #cop21paris2015 #cop21paris #mountainmatters #climatechangeisreal #WeLoveMountains #ClimateAction #Action2015 #everydayAfrica #liveyouradventure #climatechangeisreal #glacialrecession #mountainsofthemoon

Kasese, Mbarara, Uganda

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  1. Mamerito
    MameritoOctober 26,15

    These mountains are very important to me. Our company has been taking clients to trek the Rwenzori Mountain National Park and the decline in the glaciers found on these mountains will affect our environment as they play a crucial role in our eco-system.

    I have signed the petition and I would encourage all nature lovers to do the same.

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