The 8th century #Hindu saint, #Shankara (#Samkara),…

The 8th century #Hindu saint, #Shankara (#Samkara),...

The 8th century #Hindu saint, #Shankara (#Samkara), often used the analogy of the ocean to explain the #monist theory of #Advaita #Vedanta to his disciples: one looks at the ocean and sees waves, foam, spray, etc. But, in reality, it is all just the ocean. #Duality is the illusion; all is indeed one. A #mountain reflection – like this one of #Nuptse – could also be used: we see the mountain and the reflection, and perceive them as separate; but, again, the duality is illusory. By Vedantic thinking, it is this illusion of duality that keeps us from truth, from #enlightenment, and locked in the cycle of #samsara, death and rebirth. Could we apply similar thinking to humanity? We look at the vast ocean of humans, and see lots of other: different faces, different colors, different beliefs and faiths and perspectives. That concept of other is then often used to de-humanize, which in turn makes it easy to vilify, to view the other as inhuman…and our compassion dwindles, our care evaporates. But, again, duality is perhaps the illusion. Are we not all one, with a fundamental commonality of needs and desires? Is it the perception of duality which erodes our compassion and ultimately prevents us from finding peace? #fridayphilosophy

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