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Wishing a big Happy Birthday today to…

Wishing a big Happy Birthday today to my friend and hero, Dr. Tom #Hornbein. Tom is most well known for his groundbreaking, audacious ascent of the West Ridge of #Everest on May 22nd, 1963, with Willi #Unsoeld. Theirs was a climb for the record books: it was the first time anyone went to the highest Himalaya and deliberately targeted the hardest route they could find rather than the easiest way to the top. The difficulty of their route was shown on their summit day; Tom and Willi quickly reached a point from where they could not turn back, and had to go for the summit and descend a route they had never seen. Theirs was the first ascent of the West Ridge, the first traverse of Mount Everest, and it ushered in a whole new era in Himalayan mountaineering. Amazingly, however, that is but a small part of all that Tom has packed into his 85 years. He has raised an amazing family, was head of anesthesiology at University of Washington for 40 years, and has inspired generations of climbers and adventurers worldwide. So, here’s to Tom, and many more birthdays to come! | This photo was taken during one of our interviews with Tom during the creation of our award-winning film on the 1963 American Mount Everest Expedition, #highandhallowed. #liveyouradventure #tomhornbein #williunsoeld #AMEE #westridge @eddiebauer @davidcmorton @jimaikman

Estes Park, Colorado

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