A recent article by @universityofleeds #glaciologists in…

A recent article by @universityofleeds #glaciologists in...

A recent article by @universityofleeds #glaciologists in @washingtonpost raised some frightening discoveries: #supraglacial ponds are forming at an alarming rate on the surface of the #Khumbu #Glacier on Mount #Everest, #Nepal. In other words, water – melted snow and ice – is flowing and pooling on the surface of the glacier. Water absorbs heat more readily than ice, thus creating more melt, which in turn creates more water…a feedback loop. This is but one of many findings showing how fragile our world mountains are, and how heavily they are being impacted by a warming climate. In my travels and expeditions worldwide, I’ve seen and heard this repeatedly. I’ve heard #Bakonjo elders in the #Rwenzori lament the retreating glaciers of #Ptolemy’s Mountains of the Moon; I’ve seen the famed Snows of #Kilimanjaro dwindle to mere patches; I’ve witnessed the ferocious destruction of the 2013 #Uttarakhand #GLOF; I’ve seen farmers in #Colorado lose land to drought, and the trees in my backyard wither under the oppression of drought; I’ve seen the glaciers of #Rainier shrink, and the mighty #Ganges reduced in places to a trickle of sewage and industrial waste. I’m not a scientist…but I know enough of them and read enough by them to know #climatechangeisreal. And, sadly, at 41 I’m old enough to have witnessed its heavy hand in the places I hold most dear. Here’s to the world leaders at #COP21 in #Paris taking some meaningful action this month. May they hold the torch of courage high, and push for real commitments and real change. #TheTimeIsNow. | In this photo, the Khumbu Glacier flows between the jagged peaks of Everest, #Lhotse, and #Nuptse. #earthtoparis #mountainsmatter @unitednations #mountainmatters @welovemountains #mountainpartnership #UNFCCC @climatereality #liveyouradventure

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