#tbt to May 30, 2003, at Mushroom…

#tbt to May 30, 2003, at Mushroom...

#tbt to May 30, 2003, at Mushroom Rock (28,050 feet/8550 meters) on the Northeast Ridge of #Everest. I was there shooting for Outdoor Life Network and the Global Extremes reality series, a still camera in my hands and a lipstick cam (a year before @gopro hit the market) on my head sending live transmissions to Basecamp via a coffee can sized (and very fickle) transmitter in my pack. The hope was to air the first live climb of Everest; it would have worked had politics not gotten in the way. As it was, we transmitted live footage down, which was cut live and commentated by @conrad_anker, Craig Hummer, and Peter Whittaker, and then driven to #Nepal where it was transmitted semi-live from #Kodari. Snafus aside, it was one of the nicer days I’ve had on the mountain, with warm temps, sunny skies, and majestic views. This photo shows the view from Mushroom Rock looking up the Ridge at the Second Step and summit; Lots sits off to the left. #liveyouradventure #mushroomrock #secondstep #sunrise #bestmountainartists #Tibet @khfilms @seracfilms @tedmahon

Mount Everest

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