While far from perfect, and likely not…

While far from perfect, and likely not...

While far from perfect, and likely not nearly as aggressive as it should or could have been, I’m proud of the world community for coming together at #COP21 in #Paris to address #ClimateChange. And, glad our efforts through the #MountainPartnership helped get mountains, mountain peoples, and mountain environments on the agenda and the table as well. Now, here’s to hoping the short-sighted, self-interested in our political system don’t scuttle the strides that have been made. Money in the pocket today is slitting our own throats in the long term. | In this photo, @davidcmorton and @charley.mace descend from the summit of Mount Cook (#Aoraki), New #Zealand. #climatechangeisreal #earthtoparis #earthtocongress #liveyouradventure @welovemountains @unitednations

Mt Cook

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