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Hope your #weekend contains some great adventures!…

Hope your #weekend contains some great adventures! | Peter Whittaker gazes out at the vast expanse of glacier and mountains from high camp on #Vinson Massif, #Ellsworth Mountains, #Antarctica. #liveyouradventure #bestmountainartists #mountainlove #WeLoveMountains #vinsonmassif #tgif #tgifridays #tgif_nature

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A posthumous happy birthday to Prince Luigi…

A posthumous happy birthday to Prince Luigi #Amedeo, the Duke of #Abruzzi, who was born today in 1873. A visionary of the mountains, Abruzzi made some incredible climbs in his 60 years. In 1897, he made the first ascent of Mount Saint #Elias on the #Yukon / #Alaska border. Two years later, in 1899, he led an expedition to the North Pole; while their attempt ultimate failed, they made it further north than anyone prior. In 1906, the Duke led an expedition to the little-known #Rwenzori Mountains of #Uganda, where his team climbed and photographed 16 peaks, including the 6 principle peaks of the range. Three years later, he launched his most famous expedition, this time to #K2, the world’s second highest peak at 8,611 meters/28,251 feet. The expedition “only” made it to 6250 meters, but the route they chose – the Southeast Spur – would later be named the Abruzzi Ridge and is the standard route on the mountain today. On that same expedition, the Duke and his team tried #Chogolisa, making it within about 500 feet of the 25,148 foot summit. In addition to his climbing, the Duke formed a wonderful alliance with one of the best mountain photographers of all time, Vittorio Sella, whose collection of images from expeditions with the Duke and others remain some of the best from these remote ranges. | In this photo, climbers move across the #Stanley Plateau toward the twin peaks of #Alexandra and #Margherita. Margherita, the highest peak of Mount Stanley at 16,763 feet, was named by the Duke after Queen Margherita of #Italy, his first cousin. #liveyouradventure #dukeofabruzzi #vittoriosella #bestmountainartists #mountainsofthemoon #mountainlove

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#tbt to September 26, 2006: #Gurla #Mandhata…

#tbt to September 26, 2006: #Gurla #Mandhata (aka #Naimona’nyi) was a peak of both legend and fear for me. The 34th highest peak in the world at 7694 meters (25,243 feet), it looms over the windswept plains of western #Tibet, just south of holy Mount #Kailash (Gang #Rinpoche) and the sacred lakes of #Mansarovar and #Raksas Tal. The mountain is rarely visited, and climbed even less: it’s not the highest, it’s not the most stunning, and it’s just shy of the fabled (and fairly arbitrary) 8000 meter mark. In 1997, it nearly wiped one of my best friends, Quinn Simons, off the map; he and his teammates barely escaped alive, and paid an immense toll in frostbite injuries. So, going there to guide and climb it in 2006 was a dream, but one frought with fear and misgivings, a mixture of excitement but also apprehension. Fortunately, our climb went well: few storms slowed our progress, my clients were strong, fit, and excited, and we managed to climb the “standard” route in just 10 days via the #Chaglung’mlungha Glacier. Gurla remains one of my most memorable climbs ever, and I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to go high in the Himalaya without the crowds of #Everest and #Cho #Oyu. | In this photo, Stuart Sloat and Kirk Allen descend from near the summit, with the stunning valleys of #Humla in the distance. #liveyouradventure #bestmountainartists #gurlamandhata #naimonanyi #karnali #Nepal #mountainlove #Himalaya #mountaineering #climbing #mountainworld

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@carolinewaregeorge finding some fresh snow above the…

@carolinewaregeorge finding some fresh snow above the #Branscomb Glacier in #Antarctica. Mt. #Vinson, the highest peak on the continent at 16,050 feet, rises behind. #liveyouradventure #ski #skiing @eddiebauer #vinsonmassif

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A rare sight: a two-headed giraffe in…

A rare sight: a two-headed giraffe in Lake #Manyara National Park, #Tanzania. In reality, it’s one male and one female courting each other on the grassy plains during mating season. #twoheadedgiraffe #Africa #africanamazing #lakemanyaranationalpark #everydayafrica #liveyouradventure

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The #earthquakes last spring in #Nepal devastated…

The #earthquakes last spring in #Nepal devastated much of the country, leaving hundreds of thousands homeless and millions deeply affected. In nine months, the world has largely forgotten the plight of this #Himalayan nation, reconstruction is still hogtied by government inaction and ineptitude, political infighting, blockades, and geography, and millions are still suffering through the long winter. And, a big question still looms: When will the next quake come? I was extremely fortunate to work with @clarkliesl @mreverest7x @nova_pbs and others in August to help tell the story of the #nepalearthquake, its aftermath, and what the future holds. The program will air this Wednesday, January 27, at 9pm on @pbsofficial. See the link in my profile. Please tune in! | In this photo, a man sits in the rubble of a collapsed home in #Mankhu, #Dhading. #liveyouradventure #HelpCarryTheLoad #nepaliloveyou #nepalquake #buildbackbetter

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In the shadow of the #Taj #Mahal…

In the shadow of the #Taj #Mahal – but worlds away from the tourist destinations – a group of people known as #Dhobis toil from sunrise to sunset on the banks of the #Yamuna River. #Dhobi is the traditional #caste of the clothes washers. Here at #Dhobighat at sunset, @pedromcbride @davidcmorton and I found dozens of Dhobis working – men, women, and children – scrubbing clothes on stones, beating and rinsing saris and linens, tending massive vats of coal-fire heated water bubbling in a toxic stew of caustic soda and the fetid water of the Yamuna. Like the #Ganges which we were following, the Yamuna – a major tributary – was incredibly polluted. At Dhobighat, we found #cadmium levels of 24.7 μg/l – 5 times the safe limit. Other studies have found dangerous levels of #lead, #chromium, #arsenic, and more. Additionally, our tests at Agra showed no dissolved oxygen – meaning the river here is effectively dead. And yet, for the Dhobis and many more, life continues on the Yamuna, for there is no other choice. In its murky waters, hot, black, and pungent, children continue to play, workers wash clothes, bathe buffalo and themselves, drink, defecate, fish, and simply live. As with the tragic and senseless situation in #Flint, one can only imagine the long term implications for these communities. #water #pollution #indiaphotos #india_gram #indiagram #everydayasia #liveyouradventure #GangaS2S

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She wasn’t much older than my daughter,…

She wasn’t much older than my daughter, and her brother – waddling through the muddy streets wearing only an oversize t-shirt – was similar in age to my son. Like my children, they laughed and played, wondered and worried, had hopes, dreams, and ambitions. And yet, their worlds could not have been more different. Here in the sweltering plains of #Uganda, in the shadow of the #Rwenzori Mountains and not far from Fort Portal, opportunity is rare. School is a part-time luxury for these kids; both spend most of their time helping around the house and hauling water from the local tap. When they do get to school, it’s limited and rudimentary. What difference the fortune of geography can play: my kids are no different than these kids, and yet their opportunities – and thus their lives – will likely be polar opposites. It’s time we as a world address the realities of endemic #poverty, work to level the fields of #inequality, and strive to give all #opportunity. We need to live and act on the dreams of #Martin #Luther #King at home and abroad, as individuals, as communities, as countries, and as a connected world. #portraitmood #portrait #fortportal #mlk #martinlutherking #everydayafrica #Africa #travelstoke #liveyouradventure @africanamazing #africanamazing @ig_africa @african_portraits

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Happy Birthday today to Barry Bishop, who…

Happy Birthday today to Barry Bishop, who would have been 84 on this day. Bishop was a critical member of the 1963 American Mount #Everest Expedition (#AMEE). Originally one of the “West Ridgers”, Barry dropped out of the West Ridge effort to focus on his photography for National Geographic, and ended up reaching the summit via the Southeast Ridge on May 22, 1963, with teammate Lute #Jerstad, just hours before Tom #Hornbein and Willi #Unsoeld topped out via the West Ridge. Barry, like so many climbers of that expedition, was far more than Everest, and far more than a climber. He was a hugely accomplished climber. Some of his notable ascents include: first ascent of the West Buttress of #Denali (Mt. #McKinley) in 1951; a solo of the Italian Ridge on the #Matterhorn in 1952; the first ascent of the uber-classic Southwest Ridge of Ama #Dablam in 1961 (also the first winter ascent in the #Himalaya); and, of course, climbing Everest as mentioned. Like Unsoeld, Bishop sustained severe frostbite on the epic #bivouac at 28,000 feet on Everest, and lost several toes, mostly ending his climbing career. Barry went on to earn his PhD in geography, wrote his dissertation in Humla and Jumla in western #Nepal, and earned many awards and recognitions for his photography and writing. (And, along the way, he raised one hell of a son, Brent Bishop, who has climbed Everest, Ama Dablam, and many other peaks, as well as being an amazing friend, father, and human.) Barry died tragically in a car accident in 1994. Of all his work and photography, perhaps his most iconic is this one, taken in early-May, 1963, of Hornbein and Unsoeld moving up the dramatic West Shoulder of Everest with the North Face and Summit looming beyond. This photo-animation was taken from Bishop’s photo and used in our award-winning film, High and Hallowed: Everest 1963. #liveyouradventure #highandhallowed #everest1963 #amadablam #barrybishop @eddiebauer @davidcmorton @charley.mace @jimaikman

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Mother Nature was showing off this morning…

Mother Nature was showing off this morning during a snowy run on Mt. Judge. I never cease to be amazed by the colors of #sunrise and the inspiration of #solitude in the high country. #liveyouradventure #MountainsMatter #mountainmatters #mothernature #mothernaturesbeauty #mountjudge #snydermountain

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