A posthumous happy birthday to Prince Luigi…

A posthumous happy birthday to Prince Luigi...

A posthumous happy birthday to Prince Luigi #Amedeo, the Duke of #Abruzzi, who was born today in 1873. A visionary of the mountains, Abruzzi made some incredible climbs in his 60 years. In 1897, he made the first ascent of Mount Saint #Elias on the #Yukon / #Alaska border. Two years later, in 1899, he led an expedition to the North Pole; while their attempt ultimate failed, they made it further north than anyone prior. In 1906, the Duke led an expedition to the little-known #Rwenzori Mountains of #Uganda, where his team climbed and photographed 16 peaks, including the 6 principle peaks of the range. Three years later, he launched his most famous expedition, this time to #K2, the world’s second highest peak at 8,611 meters/28,251 feet. The expedition “only” made it to 6250 meters, but the route they chose – the Southeast Spur – would later be named the Abruzzi Ridge and is the standard route on the mountain today. On that same expedition, the Duke and his team tried #Chogolisa, making it within about 500 feet of the 25,148 foot summit. In addition to his climbing, the Duke formed a wonderful alliance with one of the best mountain photographers of all time, Vittorio Sella, whose collection of images from expeditions with the Duke and others remain some of the best from these remote ranges. | In this photo, climbers move across the #Stanley Plateau toward the twin peaks of #Alexandra and #Margherita. Margherita, the highest peak of Mount Stanley at 16,763 feet, was named by the Duke after Queen Margherita of #Italy, his first cousin. #liveyouradventure #dukeofabruzzi #vittoriosella #bestmountainartists #mountainsofthemoon #mountainlove

Rwenzori Mountains

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