Do #MountainsMatter? Should you care what’s happening…

Do #MountainsMatter? Should you care what's happening...

Do #MountainsMatter? Should you care what’s happening to them if you don’t live nearby and never want to visit them? #ClimateChange is altering the mountain landscape faster than most others…Does it matter? I’ve been fortunate to spend most of my life in the mountains – climbing, traveling, photgraphing, and experiencing the remarkable tapestry that is the mountains, their landscapes, ecosystems, peoples, and cultures. And sadly, I’ve also witnessed their rapid change, from anemic glaciers to famine-stricken communities. The damage is striking, and progressing fast…and it effects all downstream. But, all is not lost. We can all embrace the bold commitments of #COP21, and make change today in our lives, our communities, our mountains, and our world. Read more in my post on the @eddiebauer blog (link in profile). | In this photo, Brent Bishop gazes out at colors of sunrise on Mt. #Tasman and surrounding peaks while climbing Mt. Cook (#Aoraki). #liveyouradventure #climatechangeisreal #WeLoveMountains #earthtoparis #mountainpartnership @unitednations @climatereality

Aoraki / Mount Cook

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