Happy Birthday today to Barry Bishop, who…

Happy Birthday today to Barry Bishop, who...

Happy Birthday today to Barry Bishop, who would have been 84 on this day. Bishop was a critical member of the 1963 American Mount #Everest Expedition (#AMEE). Originally one of the “West Ridgers”, Barry dropped out of the West Ridge effort to focus on his photography for National Geographic, and ended up reaching the summit via the Southeast Ridge on May 22, 1963, with teammate Lute #Jerstad, just hours before Tom #Hornbein and Willi #Unsoeld topped out via the West Ridge. Barry, like so many climbers of that expedition, was far more than Everest, and far more than a climber. He was a hugely accomplished climber. Some of his notable ascents include: first ascent of the West Buttress of #Denali (Mt. #McKinley) in 1951; a solo of the Italian Ridge on the #Matterhorn in 1952; the first ascent of the uber-classic Southwest Ridge of Ama #Dablam in 1961 (also the first winter ascent in the #Himalaya); and, of course, climbing Everest as mentioned. Like Unsoeld, Bishop sustained severe frostbite on the epic #bivouac at 28,000 feet on Everest, and lost several toes, mostly ending his climbing career. Barry went on to earn his PhD in geography, wrote his dissertation in Humla and Jumla in western #Nepal, and earned many awards and recognitions for his photography and writing. (And, along the way, he raised one hell of a son, Brent Bishop, who has climbed Everest, Ama Dablam, and many other peaks, as well as being an amazing friend, father, and human.) Barry died tragically in a car accident in 1994. Of all his work and photography, perhaps his most iconic is this one, taken in early-May, 1963, of Hornbein and Unsoeld moving up the dramatic West Shoulder of Everest with the North Face and Summit looming beyond. This photo-animation was taken from Bishop’s photo and used in our award-winning film, High and Hallowed: Everest 1963. #liveyouradventure #highandhallowed #everest1963 #amadablam #barrybishop @eddiebauer @davidcmorton @charley.mace @jimaikman

Mount Everest

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