She wasn’t much older than my daughter,…

She wasn't much older than my daughter,...

She wasn’t much older than my daughter, and her brother – waddling through the muddy streets wearing only an oversize t-shirt – was similar in age to my son. Like my children, they laughed and played, wondered and worried, had hopes, dreams, and ambitions. And yet, their worlds could not have been more different. Here in the sweltering plains of #Uganda, in the shadow of the #Rwenzori Mountains and not far from Fort Portal, opportunity is rare. School is a part-time luxury for these kids; both spend most of their time helping around the house and hauling water from the local tap. When they do get to school, it’s limited and rudimentary. What difference the fortune of geography can play: my kids are no different than these kids, and yet their opportunities – and thus their lives – will likely be polar opposites. It’s time we as a world address the realities of endemic #poverty, work to level the fields of #inequality, and strive to give all #opportunity. We need to live and act on the dreams of #Martin #Luther #King at home and abroad, as individuals, as communities, as countries, and as a connected world. #portraitmood #portrait #fortportal #mlk #martinlutherking #everydayafrica #Africa #travelstoke #liveyouradventure @africanamazing #africanamazing @ig_africa @african_portraits

Fort Portal, Uganda

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