Day 1 of the #challengeonnaturephotography, and a…

Day 1 of the #challengeonnaturephotography, and a...

Day 1 of the #challengeonnaturephotography, and a #tbt to September, 2006, in far western #Tibet. I was leading a dream trip ostensibly to climb #Gurla #Mandhata (which we did), but we also built in some dream destinations: a sacred #kora around Mt. #Kailash, a visit to #Tirthapuri, and several days in the canyon country of the ancient kingdom of #Guge. Beginning in the 10th Century, Guge ruled over vast swaths on territory, and had their capital here in the dramatic canyons of #Tholing and #Tsaparang. Amidst these towering walls of crumbling stone are vast tunnel systems, many meditation caves, monasteries, and the palace of Tsaparang. It’s a place of great history and mystery, a seat of spiritual energy and sadness at the losses from the Cultural Revolution. And, I can only imagine the changes (both good and bad) that have come in the decade since I was there with paved roads, intense development, and an influx of Han Chinese. | In this photo, a late monsoon #thunderstorm douses the canyons with needed rain as sunset paints the #desert sky. #everydaytibet #liveyouradventure #westtibet #bestmountainartists #WeLoveMountains #landscape


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