Happy Birthday (and a #tbt) to a…

Happy Birthday (and a #tbt) to a...

Happy Birthday (and a #tbt) to a great friend, Tap Richards! Tap and I started guiding together on Mount #Rainier back in 1993 for @rmiexpeditions, doing laps on Rainier and climbing #Denali at the same time in 1995. Later on, working for @internationalmountainguides, we made it to #Everest for the 1999 #Mallory & #Irvine Research Expedition. A trip that surprised and inspired us all, @conrad_anker discovered the remains of George Mallory at nearly 27,000 feet on the North Face of Everest on May 1, 1999. While the expedition didn’t solve the mystery, we were able to tell a lot more about the duo’s final days and hours. Tap and I – along with others from ’99 – returned to Everest in 2001 to search for more clues, finding few. Tap, Dave Hahn, Jason Tanguay, & Andy Politz nearly made the summit that year, but abandoned the climb to instead save 4 lives and make one of the highest rescues in climbing history (and earning the David A. #Sowles Award from @americanalpine). Tap made the summit of Everest in 2006 with his wife, Heidi. More than all that, though, Tap is a dedicated and inspired soul who never ceases to prove himself in any endeavor, be it climbing, guiding, making stunning furniture, helping the people of #Nepal, or being a husband and father. Happy Birthday, Tap – hope to see you sometime soon! | In this photo, Tap and I stand at Mushroom Rock, 28,050 feet, on the Northeast Ridge of Everest on May 17, 1999. This was our turnaround point on that expedition – close, but no cigar. #happybirthday #tibet #mounteverest #mushroomrock #throwback #malloryandirvine

Mount Everest

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