Happy World #Water Day! Often taken for…

Happy World #Water Day! Often taken for...

Happy World #Water Day! Often taken for granted in the developed world, water is a rare and cherished – and limited – commodity in much of the developing world. Some 800 million globally live without regular access to safe water, and over 2 billion people don’t have adequate #sanitation in their lives. And, without water and sanitation – the foundations of #development – most other development work is rendered moot. Let’s all, as a global community, work together to celebrate the bounty of water on this #WorldWaterDay, and strive to end water #poverty. | In this photo, water #drips from a local tap into a water jug in rural #Rulindo, #Rwanda. #waterpoverty #endwaterpoverty @waterforpeople #unworldwaterday #waterislife

Rulindo District

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