Sending a big Happy Birthday to @mreverest7x!…

Sending a big Happy Birthday to @mreverest7x!...

Sending a big Happy Birthday to @mreverest7x! Long a hero of mine, I finally had the opportunity to spend time with Pete last summer in #Nepal along with his wife, @clarkliesl, and their amazing kids. While Pete’s climbing background and accomplishments are more than enough to earn hero status, it’s the #passion and #compassion he brings to the community around him that makes him a real stand out in my book. His dedication to the people and country of Nepal is pretty much bar none, and he has used his clout and reputation as a climber to contribute immensely to the history, archaeology, development, and future well-being of the entire nation. That’s perhaps best exemplified with his work in Upper #Mustang, where this time lapse was taken, where Pete has been instrumental in telling the story of the early inhabitants of the #Himalaya. Pete is a true leader, and an inspiration, who leads with his heart rather than his ego, and makes contributions in every life he touches. Happy birthday Pete – here’s to many many more. #HelpCarryTheLoad #nepaliloveyou #timelapse #peteathans

Mustang, Nepal

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