A year ago today, as the ground…

A year ago today, as the ground...

A year ago today, as the ground shook, everything changed dramatically in Nepal. Houses were leveled, mountainsides crumbled, glaciers collapsed, nearly 9,000 lives were lost, and countless more were changed forever. In the year since the earthquake, despite massive contributions and monumental international aid, very little has changed for most people in Nepal. Only a few fortunate people have been able to rebuild their shattered homes and shattered lives, and they now face the prospect of yet another monsoon with unstable shelter and an uncertain future. But we can all still #helpcarrytheload: make a donation today to tried and trusted nonprofits like this dZi Foundation, the Mountain Fund , the Mountain Institute, American Himalayan Foundation, and more. With these organizations, your money will make a difference.

Mustang, Nepal

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