On May 31, 1934, the eccentric adventurer…

On May 31, 1934, the eccentric adventurer...

On May 31, 1934, the eccentric adventurer and wannabe climber, Maurice Wilson, sat in his tent at the base of the North Col of #Everest and wrote what would be the last entry in his journal: “Off again, gorgeous day.” Wilson made one more solo attempt to push upward, and never returned. His remains were discovered in 1935 by Eric Shipton’s expedition, and buried, only to be rediscovered many times over the years, including by our 1999 Mallory and Irvine Research Expedition. Wilson’s attempt on the summit was brief, foolhardy, and fateful, but put him solidly in the record books of Everest history. Today is his 118th birthday.

Mount Everest

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