Amidst the tumult that is #Rishikesh near…

Amidst the tumult that is #Rishikesh near...

Amidst the tumult that is #Rishikesh near the Ram Jhula, a Hindu ascetic sits in quiet meditation, apparently immune to the honking lorries, squealing motorcycles, and multitudes of people, cows, dogs, and celebrations happening all around. Such is the continual dichotomy of the #Ganges, the physical and spiritual lifeblood to some 500 million souls in North India. In its 1500 mile journey from the Garhwal Himalaya to the Bay of Bengal, the River never ceases to be larger than life, in all regards. As @pedromcbride @davidcmorton and I made our way down it in 2013, we lived in constant astonishment of its ever-changing face: from pristine to polluted, celebrated to abhorred, Ma Ganga (Mother Ganges) is truly a river of extremes and contradictions. We found it to be horrifically contaminated, and yet surprisingly clean (in relative terms); beloved and bemoaned, in equal measure. The Ganges, again and again, is larger than life in all aspects – good, bad, and indifferent. It is a river of critical importance, revered and reviled, and never ceases to embody Lord Krishna’s statement to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita: “I am the shark among fishes, and the Ganges among rivers.” | Very excited to be here in #Telluride at @mountainfilm to premiere our film on the river, Holy (un)Holy River. Thanks to our partners on the 2013 expedition: @eddiebauer @natgeo @microsoft & Tom & Julie Hull.

Ram Jhula

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