It was an honor to present again…

It was an honor to present again...

It was an honor to present again at the @unitednations today and speak on behalf of mountain peoples around the world. Often marginalized and cut off by geography and politics, mountain peoples are some of the poorest in the world and most threatened by food insecurity; one of every two rural mountain dweller in the world deals with regular and persistent food insecurity according to a new study by the #MountainPartnership and @unfao. Mountain peoples aren’t victims, however. They are proud and resilient peoples, with robust histories, profound cultures, and a keen knack for survival in at-times inhospitable environments. But, they are vulnerable: to geology and geography, to climate change, and to political and financial neglect. It’s an honor to speak on their behalf and to urge the global community to value the importance of mountain peoples and communities, and let their voices be heard.

United Nations Headquaters New York

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