Looming over #Everest Basecamp in Nepal, the…

Looming over #Everest Basecamp in Nepal, the...

Looming over #Everest Basecamp in Nepal, the iconic, conical summit of Pumo Ri is unmistakable. In 1921, during the first reconnaissance expedition, George Mallory spotted the peak and wanted to name it Mount Clare after his young daughter. The expedition rightfully decided not to, so Mallory and his teammates found a suitable alternative in Pumori, meaning “Unmarried Daughter” or “Daughter Mountain” in Tibetan and Sherpa. (Fortunately, with the exception of Kellas Rock Peak, named in 1921 after Dr. Alexander Kellas, and the Norton Couloir, named in 1924 after Col. Edward “Teddy” Norton, the expedition chose local names where possible – like Gyachung Kang – and local descriptors otherwise, like Changtse or “North Peak”, and Lhotse, or “South Peak”.) While technically fairly easy by its standard route, the mountain is known for avalanche danger, and by 2005 had seen 42 deaths on its slopes out of 500 successful summits. During the 2015 earthquake in #Nepal, a massive avalanche swept off the ridge connecting Pumori and Lingtren, decimating Everest Basecamp and killing 19 people. The peak was first climbed on this day in 1962 by Gerhard Lenser. #Pumori

Mount Everest

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