#tbt to 2006: It was a dream…

#tbt to 2006: It was a dream...

#tbt to 2006: It was a dream trip to the world’s 34th highest mountain, Gula Mandhata in Western Tibet. It was easily one of the best expeditions I’ve ever been on; we made the summit – one of them only a handful of teams to do so – but more importantly the climb was really only a small part of a great physical, spiritual, and cultural adventure. We spent roughly 50 days in Nepal and Tibet, only nine of which were on the mountain, trekking along the Karnali River, doing a sacred circumambulation – or Kora – of Mount Kailash, making a pilgrimage to Tirthapuri and then onward to the ancient Kingdom of Guge. For me, the best expeditions are always like that: the mountain, the climb, is really little more than an elaborate and convenient excuse for profound adventure and experience that goes well beyond the objective at hand. Also called Naimona’nyi, Gurla Mandhata was first climbed on this day in 1985 by a Japanese party. | In this photo, our team is about two-thirds of the way up the peak headed towards high camp. In the distance, you can see the sacred Lakes of Manasarovar and Raksas Talk, and Mount Kailash just barely visible on the horizon. #liveyouradventure

Gurla Mandhata

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