The future of all societies lies with…

The future of all societies lies with...

The future of all societies lies with the next generation, and education is the fundamental cornerstone of that generation’s ability to succeed in all ways. Sadly, in many parts of #Tanzania, education is not a real option for kids. Poverty, family issues, discrimination, and simple lack of schools keeps many kids in the fields instead of the classroom. Fortunately, @africaschoolassistanceproject is changing that. Yesterday, we had the opportunity to visit #Mbasseny Primary School, built with help from ASAP, and the pride of the community and it’s 400 students. It’s truly a game changer for the local community, as students progress with excellent marks onto secondary school and beyond. So proud to be here supporting the good work of # ASAP and the people of Tanzania. Today, we’re off to #Kilimanjaro to continue climbing, fundraising, and supporting #education. If you’d like to make a donation, please do so at www.africaschoolassistanceproject.org. #liveyouradventure

Keys Hotel, Moshi, Kilimanjaro. Tanzania

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