@clarkliesl @mreverest7x @coryrichards and the #Mustang team…

@clarkliesl @mreverest7x @coryrichards and the #Mustang team...

@clarkliesl @mreverest7x @coryrichards and the #Mustang team made some amazing discoveries in ancient funerary caves near #Samdzong several years ago. The artifacts – an intact, wooden “coffin” box, beads, copper pots, some dozen human skeletons, and three stunning gold masks – tell the story of early inhabitants of the high #Himalaya, and the trade routes that existed long before the roads of today were cut. The high country of Mustang still undoubtedly holds many answers, and many more mysteries. Thanks to the dedication of Pete and Liesl, archaeologist Mark Aldenderfer and his team, and the Nepal Department of Archaeology, those stories are being told and history written. | In this photo, Pete Athans rappels out of one of the Samdzong caves to the ground below. #liveyouradventure

Mustang, Nepal

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