Coming out of the peace and isolation…

Coming out of the peace and isolation...

Coming out of the peace and isolation of the mountains is never easy, and especially this time around. I emerged from the simple tranquility of #Samdzong 4 days ago – a place where life is hard, certainly, but profoundly simple, where the nonsensical forces of war and bigotry, violence and hatred and greed and power are somehow muted by the base reality of existence and the fundamental need to do so. I came from that into the world of 24 hour news cycles, political vitriol of an adolescent ilk, reports of human depravity beyond imagination let alone comprehension, floods and famines and finances. Real, true, and important, for certain, but always reminds me of the solace I find in the mountains and part of what draws me back time and again. As James Ramsey #Ullman wrote years ago: “The mountain may well be a way of escape – from the cities and people, from the turmoil and doubt, from the complexities and uncertainties and sorrows that thread our lives. But in the truest and most profound sense, it is an escape not from, but to, reality.” #liveyouradventure #bestmountainartists #dktm

Lo Mantang, Nepal

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