He never wanted the mountain named after…

He never wanted the mountain named after...

He never wanted the mountain named after him. In fact, Sir George #Everest – who was born today (July 4) in 1790 – was very much in favor of finding local names for peaks surveyed under his watch as Surveyor General of #India under the Great Trigonometric Survey. However, Peak XV, identified in 1856 as the highest peak in the world after being measured by Bengali mathematician Radhanath Sikdar, had no easily identifiable local name that then Surveyor General Andrew Waugh could find. (French maps, of 1716 showed the peak as named #Chomolungma from the north in Tibet; #Sagarmatha, the now-common name from #Nepal, is a more modern addition.) Thus, in 1865, despite his protests, the Royal Geographic Society named Peak XV officially Mount Everest. Sir George Everest padded away the following year, in 1866. #liveyouradventure #everesthistory

Mount Everest

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    Which name do you prefer:

    Mount Everest, Sagarmāthā or Chomolungma?

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