Long before it was on the map…

Long before it was on the map...

Long before it was on the map as a tourist destination, #Nepal was well known throughout South Asia for its artisans. #Newar craftsmen traveled far and wide to create, their skill and precision refined and cherished. And, the craftsmen are still at it today. In this photo, goldsmith Ujjwal Bajracharya heats a bead of gold using a wax lamp and mini mouth bellows, and later pounds the gold amazingly thin and flat using a hammer and anvil. His skills, handed down through generations, century after century, are not unlike those of whoever created the fine, silver and gold funerary mask discovered in a dusty cave above the village of #Samdzong, #Mustang, by @mreverest7x, @clarkliesl, Mark Aldenderfer, @coryrichards, and their team several years ago. Excited to be returning once again to Mustang to help capture and share these amazing stories of the history of Nepal, the Himalaya, and the Silk Road. #liveyouradventure #silkroad #goldsmith

Kathmandu, Nepal

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  1. Colin
    ColinJuly 14,16

    Thanks Jake for sharing this story. It’s good to know that old traditions still continue today and will still be passed on for future generations.

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